Bad Dog's Joy to the World
It's an Open Buffet After All
Been Working on the sofa
Bad Dog's Joy to the World
The Dieter's in the kitchen

Joy to the world, my owner's gone
Let the rug receive my urine
And I shall tear apart
 the carpets in every room
And chew up everything and chew up everything
I'll chew up and destroy everything
Joy to the world, the couch is gone
I ripped it up to pieces
There's stuffing on the floor
I did it because I was bored
And I'll play all innocent
I'll play all innocent
And I'll pretend, I'll pretend it wasn't me
Joy to the world
The door's not closed
I shall go out into the garden
I'll trample the flower beds
Those roses will all be dead
And I'll dig up everything
I'll dig up everything
I'll dig up and trample on everything
Doom to the world, my master's home
Let the earth receive her screams
My owner's mad, she tells me I am bad
And that she'll trade me for a cat
A stupid, fluffy cat
Oh she'll trade me, yes, trade me, for a cat!