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Famous People Who Were Born On November 2
Burt Lancaser
Pat Buchanan
James K. Polk
Warren G. Harding
Daniel Boone
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Hope you Don't Mind but I snatched a picture off your face book page. Thought it would be a neat online gift to make a jigsaw puzzle of you and Darryl. Hope you enjoy solving it!

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Time Capsule: find out all types of interesting things about your birthday. Type in your date of birth and it will tell you all types of cool things like what happened in history, exactly how old you are in days, months, and years, what day you were born, and lots of other interesting tidbits


Birthday Celebrations around the world- how do people in different countries celebrate their b-days. Find out here!


Famous Birthdays- find out who was born on a certain date and who shares the same birthday as yourself, your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

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